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Citrulline Malate: Buffer lactic acid, delay muscle fatigue & boost nitric oxide

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A lot of athletes use pre-workout supplements to boost performance and delay muscle fatigue. These supplements are mainly comprised of caffeine, beta alanine, b-vitamins, and some type of nitric oxide booster, usually L-Arginine. However, if you want to exercise in the evening or simply don’t want to consume caffeine, Citrulline Malate could be perfect for you.

Beta-alanine: efficient intra-muscular acid buffer & performance enhancer

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The fatigue that sets in during a workout or race can halter performance and increase self doubt to the point of wanting to throw in the towel. The difference between an athlete who can outperform, or 'go the distance' and one who simply cannot, is the athlete's ability to synthesize and store carnosine in muscle tissue. Read this article to understand how Beta-alanine can aid in this process.

Nutrition Plan - Hiking - Craig Fowler

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Craig Fowler likes to keep it simple when it comes to nutrition. He is always game for testing out new strategies, and is always trying to find ways to keep it exciting on long endeavors such as hiking the Pacific Coast Trail and the Appalachian Trail. He is still working on nailing his nutrition plan, but has some solid staples he takes with him on every hike. Learn about his current nutrition plan in this questionnaire.

Field Test - Huma Chia Energy Gels

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Hüma offers a great all-natural alternative to achieving the nutritional requirements of any athletic endeavor. With a no-nonsense ingredients list, each pouch combines tasty ingredients such as chia seeds, fruit puree, sea salt and coconut water. This field test provides a product review of two gels.

Nutrition Plan - Ultra Trail Running & Powerlifting - Tommy Cassano

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Tommy Cassano is passionate about maintaining optimal levels of health and fitness at all times. Not only is this important to him as a trainer and gym owner, but as an ultra trail runner and endurance athlete. He follows a balanced diet and is strategic in his supplement use for everyday and for racing. See his nutrition plan in this nutrition questionnaire.

Field Test - Exo Cricket Flour Protein Bars

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Exo offers a sustainable alternative to other animal proteins in a great tasting protein bar. Don't let this unfamiliar protein throw you off, they taste amazing, are paleo friendly, and are soy, dairy, grain and gluten free. Read the full product review from Ryan Chapman, one of our featured athletes.

Nutrition Plan - Multisport - Ryan Chapman

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Ryan is passionate about healthy living and overall well-being. He has experimented with different fuel strategies and finds the ketogenic diet to be the most beneficial for anything from running to bodyboarding. Read his views on the diet and his supplement strategy in this nutrition questionnaire.

Nutrition Plan - Running - Rachel Ragona

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Rachel is an ultra-runner racing in 100 milers such as the Kodiak 100 and Leadville 100. She fuels mainly with plant-based nutrition and has a nutrition strategy for short and long distance races. She has experimented with several different nutrition supplements and shares her favorites in this nutrition questionnaire.

Keep the Pounds Off During the Holidays

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It's that time of year where cinnamon, pumpkin, eggnog and peppermint find their way into everything from your coffee to your hand soap. It's also the time of year where Americans gain anywhere from 1 to 5 pounds, which contributes to overall weight gain throughout the year. We thought it well timed to share a few tips to help you keep the weight off during this holiday season.

Field Test - Revive RX Recover

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Revive RX offers a great tasting protein powder that’s easy to use, and includes simple and clean ingredients that will work for any athlete. Their recovery formulation offers a 2:1 protein to carbohydrate ratio for recovery. Britt, our in-house dietitian and CrossFit coach provides her product review.

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