Nutrition Plan - CrossFit - Britt Maughan

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CrossFit Coach and Dietitian - Britt Maughan - loves to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. Since her time rowing in college, she has come to understand the importance of proper nutrition and strategy for performance. She also has a passion for everyday health and fitness and helps her clients gain an appreciation for clean eating and balance. She shares her nutrition philosophy and what products she likes to use in this Q&A.

Nutrition Plan - Cycling - Emily Georgeson

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Cyclist and Mountain Biker - Emily Georgeson - has competed at the elite level in several races. She not only loves to cycle and mountain bike, but enjoys CrossFit, adventure racing, and triathlons. She talks about her passion for clean eating and her pre-workout, competition, and race day nutrition/hydration strategy in this Q&A.

Field Test - EFS Liquid Shot

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Product review with our field test of First Endurance's EFS Liquid Shot. We get a lot of questions about EFS because it looks like a gel in a very nondescript flask. We did some extensive testing on the efficacy of EFS on our training and racing that yielded some excellent results.

Nutrition Plan - Track and Field Athlete - Rushane Scott

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Jamaican born sprinter - Rushane Scott smashed competition where he won 3x All American at Adams University, went on to NCAA Division II National Champions and, 3x Jamaican 100m Senior National Championship qualifier.

The Power of Honey

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Our bodies run off of glucose, and in endurance sports, glucose is the difference from making it to the finish line and bonking halfway into a race. We do know that not all sugars are created equal, and we prefer using natural sugars (versus high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners). We always suggest trying out a few different forms of energy to see what works best for you. Honey is one of our favorite forms of natural sugar. Not only does it provide the energy needed during high activity and endurance sports, but it provides several health benefits and is packed full of vitamins and minerals.

Nutrition Plan - Triathlete & Physical Therapist - Annemarie Alf

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In this Q&A, Physical Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist - Annemarie Alf - shares with us her nutrition and hydration recommendations she gives her athletes and uses personally during triathlons.

Nutrition Plan - Multisport Athlete & Coach - Karen Lundgren

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Nutrition Plan - Triathlete - Mike Lestingi

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Triathlete - Mike Lestingi - shares how his commitment to a nutrition plan and good attitude goes a long way.

Nutrition Plan - Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Lina Augaitis

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Professional stand up paddle boarding athlete - Lina Augaitis shares her nutrition plan for competing with the best around the world.

Nutrition Plan - Obstacle Course Racing - Shaun Provost

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Obstacle Course Racer - Shaun Provost - shares how a supplemental game plan became vital to winning.

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