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Nutrition Plan - Obstacle Course Racing - Shaun Provost

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Obstacle Course Racer - Shaun Provost - shares how a supplemental game plan became vital to winning.

Why the Gut is King

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Probiotics continue to be a hot topic as science further discovers the many advantages of having beneficial bacteria in your system. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your overall health, and more importantly, your digestive tract. Not all bacteria are created equal, and your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are naturally found in your body, and can be taken through food and supplements to increase the amount of ‘’good’’ or ‘’beneficial’’ bacteria in your system.

Fueling Crisis: Fat Fanaticism and Fact

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Carbohydrate, Protein, or Fat? The debate continues as several products hit the market focusing on one fuel source over another. At Feed The Machine, we always encourage you to try things out for yourself. Not all supplements are created equal, and with so many variables (sport, activity level, duration, fitness level, daily nutritional intake, etc.) there is no ''one size fits all''. To fuel your curiosity, check out this article as a three part series regarding the carb vs fat debate.

Nutrition Plan - Nordic Combined - Ben Berend

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Nordic Combined athlete - Ben Berend - shares his nutrition plan training year round as a competitor in both national and international events.

Nutrition Plan - Triathlete - Katie Araujo

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Endurance sport competitor - Katie Araujo, shares about her "sinle ingredient" nutrition plan to prepare and compete in world class competitions such as the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.

How to Become Fat Adapted and Improve Performance

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While mainstream “experts” continue to dismiss the “fat as fuel” approach for performance athletics and continue to advocate a carbohydrate (CHO) based approach, very much like the USDA Food Pyramid (and you can see what that has done to the health of the nation), a small but growing group of researchers are studying “fat-adaptation” or “keto-adaptation” as it applies to human performance. The “science” has yet to be published, but the data emerging shows a very different picture from what has been established as the limits for fat utilization, one consistent with the performances of athletes who have adopted the VESPA/OFM approach.

Post-Workout Recovery Nutrition for Athletes

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Every athlete should create a training schedule that allows for ample rest and off-days to help the body recovery and rebuild after training. While this helps address the physical stress of training, this does not address the nutritional stress of training. In addition to physical rest and recovery, the body needs recovery nutrition to support the rebuilding process. If this important step is missed, the body will not perform at optimal levels, and the next day of training and performance will suffer.

Joint Health and Inflammation - Tips for Every Athlete

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Joints serve as the connection between two bones allowing movement and flexibility. Joints consist of smooth tissues called cartilage, synovium, and synovial fluid. Joints allow you to bend your knees, elbows, back, neck and ankles. They allow you to row, lift weights, cycle, and run. There are 360 joints in the human body! Joints are essential to movement and need support due to the stress and physical activity we put our bodies through. Age also takes a toll on joints, causing them to wear and tear cartilage, which can lead to arthritis, discomfort, and decreased mobility.

MCT oils - Can they boost endurance?

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Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are unique fats that contain between 6 and 12 carbons. All oils contain short chain, medium chain, or long chain fatty acids, which range from 2 to 22 carbon atoms in length. The carbon chain is important to note, as it plays a role in the energy required to use, store, and digest the fat. MCT oils have been shown to help increase endurance and energy in endurance athletes.

Nutrition Plan - SUP - Bob Araujo

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Bob Araujo travels the world to compete in the most grueling SUP / Paddle Sports events. Find out the nutrition/hydration strategies he employs to succeed at the highest level of the sport.

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