Kurt Madden - Triathlete and Coach

572   -435 

Kurt Madden has been racing for over 30 years, focusing primarily on triathlon events. He has hit the podium a number of times as a 3 time top ten finisher at the Ironman Triathlon World Championship and as a 2 time winner of the Ultraman Triathlon World Championship, among many other events. In his downtime, Kurt enjoys alpine skiing, snowshoeing, surfing, hiking, and scuba diving. He also fulfills his passion of coaching and helping others through his Coaching business TriPrime Multi-Sport and Performance Coaching services.

Michael Hotten - Cycling

592   -410 

Michael Hotten was born in Seattle but grew up in Northern California. His career brought him to SoCal. He loved golf but was getting tired of Golf’s pace of play, then one day he tuned into the Tour De France and since then he's been hooked on cycling. He now cycles with the Hot Wheels Cycling Team.

Team BEER - Cycling

550   -407 

Bandit ElitE Racing (BEER) is a cycling team that is a focused, driven, fun loving, non-masters Category 2/3 bike race team from Spokane, WA. While they compete in Cross Country and Enduro Mountain Biking and Cyclocross Racing.

Kyle Peter - Adventure Racing

495   -419 

Kyle Peter has been adventure racing for over 13 years, with over 25 expedition length races under his belt. He's also competed in 16 World Series races since 2010, with 6 wins and 10 podium finishes. He is on Team Adventure Medical Kits and currently resides in Oakland, California and tries to get outside everyday to maintain his physical fitness and mental insanity, read more about this amazing athlete!

Aaron Dalrymple - Mountain Biking & Cycling

485   -343 

Aaron is a mountain biker and cyclist that is most passionate about challenging himself, pushing his physical limits during long endurance rides, and finding ways to improve his performance and stay motivated. He's finished the Leadville mile 100 twice, as well as three IRONMAN races and was won several mountain bike races. He has goals to compete in the Kenda Cup Series, as well as the California State Championship and Nationals.

Tommy Cassano - Ultra Trail Running, Boxing & Powerlifting

497   -361 

Tommy grew up playing several team sports and naturally become passionate about maintaining a level of peak health and fitness. His current athletic pursuits include boxing, powerlifting and ultra trail running. He is also a trainer and owns a boutique gym in Manhattan Beach. With a few 100 milers under his belt, he is anxious to compete in more races achieving the goal of being a consistent top 10 finisher.

Ryan Chapman - Running, Cycling & Bodyboarding

614   -508 

Ryan is an inspirational athlete that is passionate about health and fitness. A soccer player in his early years, his love of running began and he now competes in 5K running events. He has goals to create his own brand of supplements to encourage healthy living as an everyday practice.

Rachel Ragona - Ultrarunner & Fitness Instructor

488   -361 

Rachel learned to love running in her twenties and started with 5k and 10k races. From there she found herself wanting more and grew to race in 100 milers including the Kodiak 100, Leadville Trail 100, and the Santa Barbra 100. She continues to push herself and inspire others with her goals to compete at the elite level, all while balancing her role as a mother.

Craig Fowler - Cycling, Hiking, & Skiing

485   -344 

Craig is an athlete that is passionate about the outdoors. Whether it's cycling, hiking, or skiing, he loves to push his limits while exploring the world around him. He's cycled for over 25 years, and finds a challenge hike a great way to take a break and reset. His most recent accomplishment is Thru-hiking the Continental Divide Trail. He is one of Feed The Machine's sponsored athletes.

Cynthia Morales - Mountain biking, Paddleboarding, & Triathlons

444   -340 

Cynthia grew up near the cornfields of Illinois where she spent much of her childhood playing outside. She is a self-proclaimed “tomboy” who roller skated, biked, swam, climbed trees and played whatever outdoor game was going on in the neighborhood.It wasn’t until her mid-thirties that she reconnected with running, swimming and cycling and started triathlon training. With triathlon, Cynthia discovered that her passion was setting seemingly impossible goals and accomplishing them.

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