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James Walsh - Multisport Athlete

James has been competing in endurance sports including triathlon (Ironman to Xterra), bike racing (mountain bike, cyclocross, road), and most recently turned to ultra running. In triathlon, he was an age group Xterra World champion in 2008, won numerous 70.3’s, finished 3rd amateur at the 2011 Ironman Texas, and raced the Ironman World Championships in Kona in 2011. On the bike, he has raced every distance.

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Aaron Dalrymple - Mountain Biking & Cycling

Aaron is a mountain biker and cyclist that is most passionate about challenging himself, pushing his physical limits during long endurance rides, and finding ways to improve his performance and stay motivated. He's finished the Leadville mile 100 twice, as well as three IRONMAN races and was won several mountain bike races. He has goals to compete in the Kenda Cup Series, as well as the California State Championship and Nationals.

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Paul Romero - Multisport Athlete & Coach

Paul has been leading teams into some of the most challenging environments around the globe for over a decade. He has competed and podiumed in over 100 expedition adventure races on 5 continents for the last 12 years, climbed the seven summits with his son, Jordan, and been exposed to some of the most gruelling competitions in the world. His passion for sport, wellness, and longevity is contagious. It’s impossible not to feel inspired after only 10 minutes in his company. He is generous with his time and is a mentor to so many as well as an amazing endurance ambassador for his sponsors.

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Slater Fletcher - Multisport

Slater has been focusing on racing more long course triathlon, ultra-marathons and endurance mountain bike races.

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Travis Macy - Multisport

As a top ultra endurance athlete, Travis Macy produces world class results, day in and day out, in adventure races, ultramarathon runs, endurance mountain bike races, and other extreme sports. Most recently, he set records for running 48 miles and gaining 10,000 feet from the west side of Zion National Park to the east side in 7 hours, 27 minutes and for running and biking 282.4 miles and gaining 44,951 feet around Leadville, Colorado in 36 hours, 20 minutes during the Leadman series, which includes the fabled Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race and, one week later, the Leadville Trail 100 Run.

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Ben Morris - Mountain Biking, Ultrarunning, & Triathlons

Ben Morris is a multi-sport athlete that is passionate about healthy eating, quality products, and research. He loves to test out new products and is always reading the latest research on improving performance and endurance. He is a big believer in planning, strategy and training in preparation for all of his races and events. In addition to his athletic pursuits, Ben is a Father, Health Scientist, and Exercise Technologist.

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Rachel Ragona - Ultrarunner & Fitness Instructor

Rachel learned to love running in her twenties and started with 5k and 10k races. From there she found herself wanting more and grew to race in 100 milers including the Kodiak 100, Leadville Trail 100, and the Santa Barbra 100. She continues to push herself and inspire others with her goals to compete at the elite level, all while balancing her role as a mother.

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Taizen Pied - Multisport Athlete

Taizen grew up in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii surfing, free diving, spearfishing, paddling Outrigger Canoes, playing baseball and practicing karate. Throughout his childhood, his family had their own garden on their farm where they grew coffee and macadamia nuts. As a result, he learned how to grow and catch his own food from a young age and his parents taught him and his little brother how to eat healthily. Growing up in an active family him and his little brother were always in competition. It drove both of them to be the best at what they did. After high school, he went to flight school in Arizona to become a pilot. Luckily around the same time Stand Up Paddle Boarding was just coming onto the scene in Phoenix. With his history of Outrigger paddling, he quickly picked it up and really enjoyed it!

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Karen Lundgren - Multisport Athlete & Coach

Karen is a lifelong alpine ski racer and full time ultra endurance athlete and coach. A true world class athlete Karen has accumulated many accomplishments including; becoming All American Alpine Ski Racer, and Extreme Alpine climber, finishing Seven Summits in 2011, and climbing the highest summits on 7 continents. As well as the 9th American woman to reach the summit of Mt. Everest from the North side.

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Sheridan Moran - Martial Arts

Sheridan has been training and competing on the mats since he was 14 years old. Growing up in south Louisiana, he has a unique and adventure filled childhood. While learning how to cook, hunt, and fish; the mats were never far away. After winning a State Wrestling championship, he took his talents to Virginia Tech University and finally Newberry College. It was at Newberry College that we has able to garner a NCAA Division II All-American status, by placing 4th in the country.

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Tommy Cassano - Ultra Trail Running, Boxing & Powerlifting

Tommy grew up playing several team sports and naturally become passionate about maintaining a level of peak health and fitness. His current athletic pursuits include boxing, powerlifting and ultra trail running. He is also a trainer and owns a boutique gym in Manhattan Beach. With a few 100 milers under his belt, he is anxious to compete in more races achieving the goal of being a consistent top 10 finisher.

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