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Chloe Towns - Taekwondo

Chloe was involved with taekwondo before she could spell it. She started competing when she was 11, had her first international gold at 13, and made the US National Team when she was 15. She currently travels the world, competing in international tournaments with her eyes on the 2020 Olympics. Outside the gym, she is a full-time student at UCLA, majoring in Psychobiology. Towns' lifestyle may seem hectic and overscheduled, but this is just how she prefers it. She is on a mission and is dragging a team of family, friends, and coaches with her… like it or not.

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Ben Morris - Mountain Biking, Ultrarunning, & Triathlons

Ben Morris is a multi-sport athlete that is passionate about healthy eating, quality products, and research. He loves to test out new products and is always reading the latest research on improving performance and endurance. He is a big believer in planning, strategy and training in preparation for all of his races and events. In addition to his athletic pursuits, Ben is a Father, Health Scientist, and Exercise Technologist.

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Jennifer Dietrick - Jiu Jitsu

Jennifer started in athletics as a competitive gymnast and track and field athlete as a teenager. Her motivation to compete continued into adulthood with fitness and figure shows. She earned her IFBB pro card in the bikini division in 2010 and competed until 2015. She transitioned into martial arts in 2012 and currently competes in jiu jitsu tournaments as a 10th Planet purple belt under Eddie Bravo.

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Sheridan Moran - Martial Arts

Sheridan has been training and competing on the mats since he was 14 years old. Growing up in south Louisiana, he has a unique and adventure filled childhood. While learning how to cook, hunt, and fish; the mats were never far away. After winning a State Wrestling championship, he took his talents to Virginia Tech University and finally Newberry College. It was at Newberry College that we has able to garner a NCAA Division II All-American status, by placing 4th in the country.

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Britt Maughan - CrossFit Coach & Dietitian

As a collegiate rower, Britt learned the importance of proper training and nutrition. Not only did this play a major role in her performance on the crew team, but became her passion as she studied to become a registered dietitian at NYU. After working at LA County Hospital as an R.D., Britt soon realized her goal was to work in the field of sports dietetics, helping athletes program their nutrition for performance. Over the past few years, she’s worked with professional and collegiate athletes competing in CrossFit, Paddle Boarding, Adventure Racing, and Triathlons.

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Paul Romero - Multisport Athlete & Coach

Paul has been leading teams into some of the most challenging environments around the globe for over a decade. He has competed and podiumed in over 100 expedition adventure races on 5 continents for the last 12 years, climbed the seven summits with his son, Jordan, and been exposed to some of the most gruelling competitions in the world. His passion for sport, wellness, and longevity is contagious. It’s impossible not to feel inspired after only 10 minutes in his company. He is generous with his time and is a mentor to so many as well as an amazing endurance ambassador for his sponsors.

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Tommy Cassano - Ultra Trail Running, Boxing & Powerlifting

Tommy grew up playing several team sports and naturally become passionate about maintaining a level of peak health and fitness. His current athletic pursuits include boxing, powerlifting and ultra trail running. He is also a trainer and owns a boutique gym in Manhattan Beach. With a few 100 milers under his belt, he is anxious to compete in more races achieving the goal of being a consistent top 10 finisher.

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Hannibal Smith - Spartan Racing

Hannibal Smith is currently the Head Fitness Trainer at NXPT Fitness in San Diego, where they specialize in functional fitness group training, and obstacle course racing. He is the father of two amazing girls who are involved in everything from art to soccer. Currently, he is running in the Spartan Race Elite series, and as of November 2017 has finished in the top 10 in his last two competitions. He is an endurance athlete, who loves attempting to live in both worlds of endurance and strength. Throughout his journey, he has stood on the foundation of Proven Nutrition Core, and Heal.

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Rachel Ragona - Ultrarunner & Fitness Instructor

Rachel learned to love running in her twenties and started with 5k and 10k races. From there she found herself wanting more and grew to race in 100 milers including the Kodiak 100, Leadville Trail 100, and the Santa Barbra 100. She continues to push herself and inspire others with her goals to compete at the elite level, all while balancing her role as a mother.

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