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David Wolf - Ultra Runner & Personal Trainer


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David Wolf climbing in a ultrarunning raceHighlight: Certified Personal Trainer since 2007, bodybuilding for more than 3 decades, competed in dozens of ultramarathons (50km - 100miles)
Sports: Ultrarunning, bodybuilding
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Read David's Nutrition Plan and learn how he manages to keep his muscular build while running 70 miles a week.
Watch his video product reviews.

"Feed The Machine is one of the most knowledgeable and caring companies that I've met in the fitness and supplement business. Their website contains detail information that has helped me craft out a comprehensive supplement protocol for my endurance training and racing. Feed The Machine also carries all the supplements I need for my bodybuilding needs."

David Wolf is unique in the world of ultra distance endurance sports. He's muscular. Many people believe that to be an ultra distance athlete, you need to be slim. Well, David debunks this myth as a successful ultra runner. Not only does he run a lot of miles every week, but he also maintains a significant muscular build. Aside from being an avid ultra runner, he's a personal trainer and bodybuilder.

If you want to know why David started running - a sport that didn't come naturally but that turned into a deep passion - read this inspiring article about his first ever ultramarathon.

David Wolf running along the oceanDavid Wolf training for trail running in the mountainsDavid Wolf on the backbone trail competing in a trail running race

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