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Rachel Ragona - Ultrarunner & Fitness Instructor


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Most Proud of: Rachel RagonaMy complete determination to overcome any obstacle and reach for the best from within. I’m not a “natural” athlete, and had no sports background whatsoever before taking up running as an adult. Every step, lap and pedal stroke has been a self-taught battle. Therefore, every race finish is super special to me, and I’ve pushed through to that finish line despite injuries, pregnancies and even while breastfeeding. Two of my most memorable races were running the emotional 2014 Boston Marathon while 30-weeks pregnant, and then finishing my first 50-mile race (also, first time at altitude) just three months after giving birth, earning 3rd Female even though I stopped to pump milk!

Sports: Ultrarunning, Road-running, Triathlon.


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“I love FTM because of their passion and unrivalled expertise. You can buy supplements anywhere, but having the real-world knowledge, care and experience from athletes who’ve been there…that’s priceless.”

Rachel grew up in England with little background in sport. She first discovered an enjoyment of being active when she started cycling to commute to school and band practices, and taught herself to swim at fifteen years old. It wasn’t until later, in her twenties, after moving to the U.S., that Rachel started running 5k and 10k races. From there, she soon found herself wanting to push for the Marathon distance. 

Although she finished her first marathon with a Boston qualifying time, it was despite various injuries. Rachel knew she had to get creative around run-specific training in order to keep doing the sport she loved long-term, and continue to see improvements. This led her to start triathlon training and strength training. Several years later, Rachel’s atypical minimal-running approach to training has allowed her to finish and place in triathlons from sprint to full-distance, in addition to running more marathons than she ever thought possible.

The ultrarunning “thing” kind of happened by accident for Rachel. Looking for a different challenge and new cross-training stimulus, she signed up for her first 50k; the notoriously hot and hilly Bulldog 50k, and was immediately hooked. It wasn’t long before she wanted to push for her first 50-mile race as a post-baby “carrot”. Loving that, she went on to finish her first mountain 100-miler (Santa Barbara 100), then another (Leadville Trail 100) and then another (Kodiak 100). Three tough, climbing-intensive 100s within about three months, and two course records to boot, all by an athlete who admits to being terrified of heights!

Realizing that the body is a finite resource, Rachel’s goals are to focus on becoming a balanced, holistic athlete. She has dreams of competing at the elite level, but also being able to enjoy racing as her kids grow up and well into her senior years.

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Rachel Ragona

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