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Kurt Madden - Triathlete and Coach

Kurt Madden has been racing for over 30 years, focusing primarily on triathlon events. He has hit the podium a number of times as a 3 time top ten finisher at the Ironman Triathlon World Championship and as a 2 time winner of the Ultraman Triathlon World Championship, among many other events. In his downtime, Kurt enjoys alpine skiing, snowshoeing, surfing, hiking, and scuba diving. He also fulfills his passion of coaching and helping others through his Coaching business TriPrime Multi-Sport and Performance Coaching services.

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Aaron Dalrymple - Mountain Biking & Cycling

Aaron is a mountain biker and cyclist that is most passionate about challenging himself, pushing his physical limits during long endurance rides, and finding ways to improve his performance and stay motivated. He's finished the Leadville mile 100 twice, as well as three IRONMAN races and was won several mountain bike races. He has goals to compete in the Kenda Cup Series, as well as the California State Championship and Nationals.

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Cynthia Morales - Mountain biking, Paddleboarding, & Triathlons

Cynthia grew up near the cornfields of Illinois where she spent much of her childhood playing outside. She is a self-proclaimed “tomboy” who roller skated, biked, swam, climbed trees and played whatever outdoor game was going on in the neighborhood.It wasn’t until her mid-thirties that she reconnected with running, swimming and cycling and started triathlon training. With triathlon, Cynthia discovered that her passion was setting seemingly impossible goals and accomplishing them.

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Luis Cova - Triathlete & Coach

Luis started practicing sports at an early age, playing soccer and swimming competitively from ages 8 to 12. After juggling between soccer fields and swimming pools, he decided to focus on swimming and went on to compete on several National Championships (with multiple podium finishes) in his home country of Venezuela. Additionally he competed in International Swim Meets, finally earning a full scholarship to swim for the American University of Puerto Rico. While in Puerto Rico, Luis was one of the team leaders as the male swimming team went on to win three consecutive conferences.

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Annemarie Alf - Triathlete & Physical Therapist

Annemarie is licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She was the 1st American Physical Therapist to work with any Chinese Olympic Team at an Olympic Games. As the Performance Physical Therapist to the Men's and Women's Chinese Olympic Gymnastics Team she attended the 2012 London Olympic Games and provided daily evaluation and treatment of all gymnastics athletes. The Chinese Olympic Gymnastic team achieved 8 total gymnastics medals, more than any other nation.

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Katie Araujo - Triathlete

A born competitor, Katie found her passion for endurance sports after concluding her international soccer career. Upon qualifying for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships at her first go at the Half Iron distance in 2010, Katie began competing at the 70.3 distance. Since then, she has qualified for the 70.3 Ironman World Championships multiple times, as well as the Ironman World Championships in Kona, the ITU Long Course World Championships, and Olympic AG National Championships.

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Mike Lestingi - Triathlete

Mike started his Triathlon adventure back in 1984 when he was asked to do the swimming part of a relay. Eventually the other 2 guys dropped out, so Mike thought “this doesn’t seem that tough, I’m a swimmer and a runner, I can do this whole thing.” That was the USTS Bud Light Triathlon in Clear Lake, in 1984, and Mike has been hooked ever since.

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Ben Morris - Mountain Biking, Ultrarunning, & Triathlons

Ben Morris is a multi-sport athlete that is passionate about healthy eating, quality products, and research. He loves to test out new products and is always reading the latest research on improving performance and endurance. He is a big believer in planning, strategy and training in preparation for all of his races and events. In addition to his athletic pursuits, Ben is a Father, Health Scientist, and Exercise Technologist.

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Luc Morin - Pro Triathlete & Coach

Luc Morin, has been a dominant force in the triathlon world for years. Known for his strength in cycling and running, excelling at both 1/2 Iron and Iron-distances, he has won many top ten events and is focusing on becoming a professional triathlete.

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Team Triple Threat Arizona (T3AZ) - Triathlon

Team Triple Threat AZ (T3AZ) is a small group of multisport athletes from Arizona. T3ers focus on long distance events such as Ironman 70.3, Ironman, half marathons, and marathons; but also enjoy short, fun races. T3AZ is a growing team, looking for a competitive, fun group of people. Contact us on our website or on

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