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Josh Galt - Riverboarding


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josh galt waterfallMost Proud of: Building the sport of riverboarding and bringing riverboarders together from all over the world, culminating in the Riverboarding World Championship which was in Indonesia in 2013 and will be in Guatemala in 2015.

Sport: Riverboarding (aka Hydrospeed)
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Read Josh's Nutrition Plan here.

"I love the concept of feeding the machine because I really look at my body that way, as a finely tuned athletic machine. Being able to discuss my nutrition, vitamin, mineral, and hydration needs with Cyril and FTM and have solid solutions which help me maximize my body is incredibly valuable. Because of the variety of supplements I am able to get from FTM, I can push my body harder, knowing that it is being fueled for max performance but also for rapid recovery. Ultimately, I'm able to perform at a higher level in training and on expeditions, thanks to Feed The Machine."

Josh has been riverboarding since 1996, and his travels have taken him around the world exploring whitewater and notching first descents, from the US to New Zealand, from Japan to Colombia,from Norway to Indonesia, and many exotic and sometimes downright dangerous places in between.  He was named an International Hydrospeed Instructor by RIPH, the international governing body of the sport (hydrospeed is the name for riverboarding in France and Latin America), and was the first and only American to date to be awarded this honor. He has led expeditions and achieved first descents on a riverboard in many of the countries he has explored. Josh has long been passionate about natural health and maximizing mind and body, and of his relationship with Feed The Machine.

He is the founder of the world's largest online riverboarding community, Face Level Industries, a community that also includes other sports done with "forward motion, headfirst & horizontal to gravity". It is through this company that Josh has been able to make a big impact on the sport of riverboarding, as well as influence riverboarding's acceptance into whitewater festivals and adventure races. He was notably the Water Director in Primal Quest® 2008 in Montana, which featured one of the most epic riverboarding sections that adventure racing has seen.

Career Highlight: Many riverboarding first descents around the world

Josh Galt Riverboarding down a waterfallJosh Galt Riverboarding down whitewater






Josh Galt riverboarding in some challenging whitewater




Josh Galt Riverboarding down class V riversJosh Galt riverboarding a technical sectionJosh Galt pro riverboarding showing off his skills

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