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Team BEER - Cycling


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Team BeerMost Proud of: helping Junior riders develop in the sport as well as crushing racing in the Northwest.

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Team Athletes: Nigel, John, Chris, Matt, Alan, Andy, Doug, Fritz, Pat, and Bill. Some of us grew up in the area but most are transplants from all over the US.

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On a whim, Team BEER formed in January of 2014 to start a local, close knit, race team. They were originally comprised of six local category 3 cyclists who attended races throughout Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. With their success, their ranks have grown from the original six to now include 10 category 2 and 3 racers, with one of our teammates being a highly talented Junior athlete. Team BEER’s  goal was to be a fast team that gave everyone a chance for success. They’ve accomplished this by participating in stage racing, and most importantly have a good time doing it.

Career Highlights
Coeur d'Alene Twilight Criterium: Matt 1st Place Cat 3, Alan 2nd, Andy 3rd 
Sandpoint CX: Day 1: John 1st Place in Cat 3, Matt 3rd Place Cat 4; Day 2: Alan 2nd Place Cat 3
Palouse CX: Day 1: Matt 1st Place Cat 4, Chris 3rd Place Cat 3; Day2: Bill 3rd Place Cat 3
Walla Walla CX: Day 1: Matt 1st Place Cat 4, Alan 2nd Place Cat 3; Day 2: Matt 3rd place in Cat 4
Coeur d'Alene CX: Day 1: Nigel 1st Place Cat 3, Matt 3rd place Cat 4; Day 2: Nigel wins again!
WA State CX Championships: Matt 3rd in Cat 4/5; John 10th in Cat 3
Weekend #2 of Coeur d'Alene CX: Day 1:Andy 3rd Place Cat 4/5, Chris 3rd Place Cat3; Day 2:Andy 2nd Place Cat 4/5

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