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Taizen Pied - Multisport Athlete


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Most proud of: In my personal life I am most proud of my family; my wife and two sons. In my racing life, I am most proud of the 2016 Catalina Crossing for 9-man outrigger canoe racing. I stepped off the plane that I had been flying from Europe (16-hour flight, awake for over 24) when I got the call saying that I was needed to steer a canoe for the race. Exhausted, but not wanting to let the team down, I caught the ferry over to Catalina and met up with our canoe club then raced the next day. What made that race special was that I ironed it (never got out of the canoe during the 32-mile race). Jet-lagged and undertrained for the race I didn’t even think twice when I got the call: I just did it! It hurt, but it helped prove to myself that I could push my body and mind further than I thought I could and has taken my training that much further as a result.

Sports: SUP racing, surfing, Outrigger Canoe racing, snowboarding, archery, hunting, and overall training for health and wellbeing. If it involves a board, or you can go fast and do something stupid, most likely I have done it or have plans to do it and enjoy it!


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Taizen grew up in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii surfing, free diving, spearfishing, paddling Outrigger Canoes, playing baseball and practicing karate. Throughout his childhood, his family had their own garden on their farm where they grew coffee and macadamia nuts. As a result, he learned how to grow and catch his own food from a young age and his parents taught him and his little brother how to eat healthily. Growing up in an active family him and his little brother were always in competition. It drove both of them to be the best at what they did. After high school, he went to flight school in Arizona to become a pilot. Luckily around the same time Stand Up Paddle Boarding was just coming onto the scene in Phoenix. With his history of Outrigger paddling, he quickly picked it up and really enjoyed it!

Nowadays, if he's not flying you can find him splitting his time between his growing family and in the gym training or in the water all year long. In the winter, he usually finds some time to slip into the mountains and hit the slopes for some snowboarding. In recent years he has been doing some archery hunting in the late fall.

Career Highlights:
  • Black belt at 6 years old
  • 2nd overall but 1st in the division Hot Head Regatta
  • 2nd division Race the Lake of the Sky 2015
  • 1st division Santa Monica Pier Race 2017, 3rd division 2016, 3rd division 2015
  • Paddler for Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club
  • Ambassador for 404 Stand Up Paddle Boards, HippoStick Paddles, Surf Shop Box, K-otic Hawaii Clothing,
  • Captain SUP, and contributor to


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