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Aaron Wimberley - Road Cycling

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Aaron Wimberly showing off his Bronze medal at the Criterium National ChampionshipsMost proud of: Being able to set and achieve race goals for each category I've raced all the way to a CAT 1.

Sports: road bike, mountain bike, motocross

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Aaron is a father of two, Samuel & Lilah Wimberley. He's a Category 1 road cyclist and has been racing road bikes for the past 11 years. Action sports have been part of his life ever since he can remember. He's raced motocross, BMX, mountain bikes, and even spent many years as an avid skateboarder. Just about anything that takes coordination, technique, discipline, lots of time, and fulfills his need for endorphins and adrenaline, he's done it.

He came from mountain biking to road cycling through his stepfather who is an active cyclist. He won the 3rd road bike race he'd ever done at a Criterium. After that, he was hooked. It had all the elements that kept him entertained, and the health benefits were just a plus. As in most competitive endurance sports, if you start competing at the upper levels, your sport changes from being something you do to a way of life. Naturally, nutrition became a big part of that. After reading countless books and spending many years of trial and error, he found Feed The Machine in 2013. That year was his most successful. Since then, Feed The Machine has become his go to source for all his nutritional needs.

Career Highlights:

  • 3rd - 2013 Masters National Criterium Championship CAT 1-3 Age 35-39
  • 1st - 2013 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix NCC CAT 2
  • 1st - 2011 Dana Point Grand Prix NCC CAT 2
  • 1st - 2007 SCNCA SoCal Cup Series CAT 3
  • 1st - 2007 SCNCA (Southern CA/NV Cycling Association) State Championship Criterium CAT 3
  • 1st - 2004 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix NCC (National Criterium Calendar Event) CAT 4


Aaron Wimberley winning a criterium road cycling raceAaron Wimberley racing motobikes as a kidAaron Wimberley mountain biking as a kid



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