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Britt Maughan - CrossFit Coach & Dietitian

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Brittany MaughanMost proud of: Staying in shape with CrossFit throughout her pregnancies  and after the birth of each of her three kids!
Sports: CrossFit, Marathon Running, and Yoga
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Feed The Machine is truly dedicated to educating the athlete and setting them up with the right fuel to perform at their best. The experience, research, and time dedicated to finding the best products build trust with the brands that FTM chooses to carry. The team truly cares about the athletes coming through the doors and surfing the web, and gives them the extra time and attention they need to feel confident in their nutrition strategy and overall health. 

As a collegiate rower, Britt learned the importance of proper training and nutrition. Not only did this play a major role in her performance on the crew team, but became her passion as she studied to become a registered dietitian at NYU. After working at LA County Hospital as an R.D., Britt soon realized her goal was to work in the field of sports dietetics, helping athletes program their nutrition for performance.

Over the past few years, she’s worked with professional and collegiate athletes competing in CrossFit, Paddle Boarding, Adventure Racing, and Triathlons.  In addition to professional athletes, Britt coaches CrossFit and works with clients to help achieve their weight loss goals and improve their overall health.  She is passionate about helping others make shifts in their diets and behaviors in a way that benefits them for the rest of their lives. 

She has worked with Feed The Machine over the past 5 years helping build community relationships, provide nutritional coaching, and support local athletes at races and events. She also contributes to newsletters and educational content - and loves providing this info to fellow athletes! 


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